Danwatt electric provides high quality mechanical, electrical and fire safety services to a broad range of building infrastructures including hotels, offices, hospitals, business centers, shopping complexes, theatres, banks, residential and industrial buildings.
Our project engineers design, simulate and implement complex building mechanical, electrical and fire safety systems more accurately and efficiently. With the aid of sophisticated design and modelling software, our engineers are able to come out with solutions that increases the performance of your buildings –making your building energy efficient, sustainable and safe.

Electrical Services

Low voltage:

  • Electrical services design (Electrical design and drafting).
  • Structured cabling and ducting.
  • Installation of lighting fixtures and controls.
  • Installation of electrical devices.
  • Surge, Earthing and Lightning protection.
  • Buildings’ power installation.


Extra-low voltage:

  • Building Management Systems
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems
  • Access control Systems
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Public Address Systems
  • Conference Halls Systems
  • Intruder alarm systems

Mechanical Services

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) Sstems.

Fire Safety Solutions

Fire safety today requires a comprehensive understanding of safety needs and innovative solutions. As experts in fire safety technology, we have learned how fires work. This knowledge has contributed to our ability to deploy effective and efficient fire safety systems.
We provide and implement systems that offer the following:

  • Early and reliable fire detection.
  • Clear and fast alarming and evacuation processes.
  • Intelligent extinguishing (Novec 1230 and FM 200) installation tailored to each room’s requirements.